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Meet Jessica

Licensed Massage Therapist & Energy Consoultant

Jessica has worked as a licensed massage therapist and energy consoultant for over twenty years.  She shares her wisdom, intuition, and light in every session. Jessica is passionate about assisting her clients in seeing their truth, their light, as well as what might hinder their personal growth and path to self love. 

Her philosophy is, "YAGOTTAWANNA!!". If you don't want to,  you simply won't. 

If you are looking for relaxation, rejuvenation, or inspiration, Soul Source is the place for you!

Color Stain

A Colorful Life Is Within Reach

Massage & Energy Consoulting

What I Specialize In

Color Readings

Sound Therapy

Archetype Readings



The journey towards good health begins on the path of self love. 

 Begin your journey today!

"Time with Jessica has become a monthly must-have. her ability to speak to and through what's going on in my life gives me sense of clarity and purpose that's otherworldly. I feel aligned with my purpose, with others, with myself after having Jessica do work. There are tangible differences in my life. she is kind, intuitive, masterful with her art. I have encouraged nearly everyone in my life to go spend time with her. 27/10 would recommend."

-Jen Greyson

"I can't even articulate how incredible I feel after seeing Jessica. She can perfectly Sum up what I am going through and gives me tools to manage my energy through really difficult things. My energy levels are sky-high when I leave her table and I can literally face anything after her sessions. Her gift of seeing what my week holds as far as energy goes, really helps me prep and be focused on what I need to do to be my best."

-Madison O.

"I can't say enough great things about Jessica. She is so easy to talk to and does great energy work. I can't decide which is better the massage or the energy work. If I could go once a week I would."

-Kristie P.

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