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Offered Services

Let's find a service that's right for you!


The Recipe for a perfect massage:

Customized Pressure: Restorative or Deep

Aromatherapy: Included with every service!

Length of Service:  Pick your duration

30 min.  $35.

60 min. $65

90 min. $85.

120 min. $115.

Add On's: Energy work, Sound therapy, EFT,

Chakra Balancing, Breath work, and so much more.

Color reading (Jessica's intuitive gift since childhood)

30 min $35.  60 min. $65.

Theta healing (Jessica is certified in advanced theta healing)

60 min. $65.

Reiki (Jessica is a Reiki Master)

3o min $35.   60 min. $65.

Energy Couching: Lets work through the blocks

Sound Therapy (Jessica is certified in sound therapy.

Emotional Freedom Technique (Jessica is certified in EFT)

Massage Supplies


Sound vibration healing is used to improve physical and emotional health.

Sound therapy benefits include:

Stress reduction

Improves circulation

Promotes positive energy

Relieves pain

Provides deep relaxation

Soul Source uses singing bowls, energy chimes, and tuning forks to balance the energy centers.

30 min. $35.

60 min. $65.

15 min. add on $15.00

30 min. chakra drumming $35.

60 min. chakra drumming $65.

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